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Alfalfa Tea for Arthritis

In previous times, alfalfa tea was a popular folk remedy for arthritis in southern Appalachia. Although studies are still on the bench about whether or not alfalfa tea is a true remedy, it definitely has shown promise on the subject. This is mainly due to it being rich in minerals and nutrients which may have a positive effect on the body by preventing the wearing down of bone and cartilage. Furthermore, the detoxifying abilities of this tea may also be able to help reduce acid levels which can lower the risk of calcification between the joints.

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Arthritis Overview

Arthritis seems to take on many forms but it is typically recognized as inflammation of the joints. This can be a result of acids and waste matter which calcify in the joints. This makes it harder to move the joint and can lead to pain and swelling. Arthritis has a number of different causes. Some cases can be traced back to improper diet intake while others can be a result of using hard water levels which has been proven to have a significant effect on arthritic pains. Arthritis can also be a result of cartilage wearing down, which can typically happen with age. When the protective buffer of the cartilage wears down, this causes the bones to rub directly against each other which can also lead to pain and inflammation.

Treatment of arthritis depends heavily on the type and severity of each individual case. In some cases, a doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and in other cases lifestyle changes such as certain exercises and therapies, or specific diets that are needed in order to properly treat arthritis.

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Why you should Drink Alfalfa Tea

When you drink alfalfa tea you are introducing many important nutrients such as valuable vitamins and minerals into your body. This added intake of vitamins and minerals can help strengthen and support your body overall. By keeping up with the good health and strength of your body, you are lowering your risks for developing problematic issues like arthritis and more.